Southwest Veggie Burgers

February 24, 2012 § 4 Comments

J: While Erik and I do enjoy a good meat-burger every now and then, we are both trying to eat more vegetarian, for the health benefits as well as for the expense.  So, when we want to make burgers, we often turn to veggie burger recipes instead to get our fix.  This burger recipe is one we came up with, inspired by the ingredient list on a box of MorningStar Farms southwest veggie burgers.  We loved the burgers so much, looked at the ingredient list, and realized, hey — there’s nothing crazy in here.  We could make these!  So, we did.

with all the fixins!

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Almond Burgers

March 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

E: I’ve eaten veggie burgers of various types for a long time. But most of them have been from the frozen foods aisle. And there was a really sad era for a lot of burgeoning veggie-foods, which to my memory was around when I was 6 or 8. If you were looking for veggie burgers, or tofu dogs (or even chicken or turkey dogs for that matter), they could only be found in places like Bread & Circus (now part of Whole Foods Market), and you were supremely lucky if you could ones that didn’t taste like chalk, sawdust, or cardboard. Even my mother, who has been the heath-food guru of our family and has been known to eat some pretty tasteless things, corroborates my assessment of them.

How they managed to consistently be that awful I cannot imagine, but the situation has slowly improved to the point where you can find decent frozen veggie burgers even in the big supermarket chains. But after making these, I’ll admit to wanting the cardboard-eating days of my life back. No more, say I! Until Joanna first made the “mac ‘n’ cheese burgers” for me about a year ago, I hadn’t even considered making my own veggie patties. But turns out they are dead easy! And they taste a lot better than the frozen kind.

and to think I used to dislike almonds

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Mac ‘n’ Cheese Burgers

February 2, 2011 § 4 Comments

J: This is a recipe that I’d made once before, with not-as-good results.  The burgers tasted fine, of course (check out the ingredients list and try to tell me they couldn’t be delicious), but they crumbled and fell apart while we were cooking them!  They just wouldn’t hold together.  So, this time we decided to add an egg to help the burgers cohere a bit better, and it worked like a charm.

These burgers are fantastic, and while they don’t taste exactly like mac ‘n’ cheese, they do come impressively close.  They’re also pretty great for you, and sandwiched between some hearty homemade bread with a few slices of avocado and tomato, they’re an easy, filling, and really delightfully tasty meal.  Just as a quick note, they’re also from Delicious Wisdom, which sadly appears to have vanished into the ether forever; as of this posting, you can still find the cached version if you search “delicious wisdom” “mac and cheese burgers,” but I can’t promise how long it’ll stay that way.

artistically-arranged burger

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