Fresh Tomato Turkey Chili

March 19, 2012 § Leave a comment

J: We’ve posted a couple chilis on the blog in the past, and they are consistently one of our go-to quick meals when we want something healthy, hearty, and easy.  This chili is a bit different than ones we’ve made in the past; our standard chili is basically canned beans, canned tomato, cumin, chili powder, maybe some ground meat, and any other veggies we feel like throwing in, but for this one, we realized that we have no idea why we always use canned tomatoes.  So, we decided to use fresh tomatoes instead! (Incidentally, we have recently been into beautiful heirloom tomatoes, so if you can get your hands on them, this would be a great way to use some!)  We also added some Greek yogurt, because, you know, it’s good in pretty much everything — and acting on the advice of Erik’s cousin (the same who brought us Susan’s Baked Beans!), we added some molasses for a bit of extra flavor.

If you’re looking for a different chili recipe, give this a try!  It’s no more complicated than any other chili recipe might be, and it’s tasty and unique in its texture and flavors.

I think it might need more cheese . . .

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Inside-Out Burgers

August 20, 2011 § 1 Comment

J:  Here we go, kids.  We’ve kept you in suspense for a couple days with the promise of an awesome burger recipe to come, and here it is.  These aren’t your mama’s cheeseburgers.  They are thick and juicy, with a hunk of oozy cheese in the middle — yes, you heard right.  These cheeseburgers have the cheese on the inside.  Though of course, you’re welcome to add more cheese on the outside, if the center doesn’t give you that cheesiness you’re craving.

mm, burger

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Arayes: Lebanese Meat-Stuffed Pockets

August 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

J:  One night recently, as we so often do, Erik and I were trying to figure out what we were going to make for dinner that week.  Ideas were hard to come by, so we turned to a resource we knew would probably yield a couple ideas: the Food Network website.  We ended up settling on a recipe by Aarti Sequeira, of “Aarti Party” fame, for Lebanese “meat-stuffed pitas,” or arayes.  We made a few minor changes and additions, but mostly this was quite a tasty (and really quite easy) recipe.

One of the bigger changes we made was substituting ground turkey for the ground beef as the meat, since we don’t eat a whole lot of red meat.  This was perfectly tasty, but we lost a bit of the hearty earthiness that the ground beef would have imparted.  Fortunately a few add-ins compensated for that: if you go the ground turkey route as well, try adding some barbecue sauce and/or some grated cheese (go with something fairly strong and earthy; we used a combination of cheddar and asiago).  Heck, even if you do go with ground beef, you can try adding those things as well!  And let us know how it turns out for you.

meat pocket!

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Turkey Taco Chili

February 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

J: So, way back when this blog started, I referenced a “gargantuan turkey chili” that I had just made, but hadn’t documented.  Over winter break, while Erik was in town, we decided it was time to re-make it, and take photos this time.  It was just as good as the first time around — maybe better, because Erik in his infinite tolerance for heat decided to up the spices where I wouldn’t have dared, and the resulting chili was delicious, warming, filling like nothing else, and had a sizable but not overpowering kick to it.  This chili also makes a LOT of food, especially if you’re just cooking for one.  Serve it with either rice or a nice chunk of bread — if you go with the bread, it’ll even be a one-pot meal.  AND, as Aleta over at Omnomicon mentions, it’s incredibly low-calorie, especially for the absurdly high stick-to-your-ribs quotient.  What more could you possibly ask of your food?

warmth and comfort in a bowl. also, cheese.

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