Thyme Cod with Grilled Pears

January 22, 2012 § Leave a comment

E: This is another riff off of a recipe from Tom Colicchio’s book Think Like a Chef, which we got for Christmas from my cousin Kristina and her husband Patrick. The book has some really wonderful looking fish recipes, so we decided to do a simple pan-roasted thyme cod, based off his pan-roasted sea bass recipe. Though we couldn’t get the fish as crispy as the fish in the pictures in his book, the cooking technique shown here is a really great one, and results in fantastic flavors. It is definitely something we’ll use again (and we actually did make this again a few days later, using salmon instead of cod).

the result

We decided to pair our cod with some “grilled” pears and risotto-style wild rice. Feel free to use whatever you want. We thought everything was quite delicious, but make sure you give your wild rice time to cook. We didn’t start it early enough and that delayed us a bit. If you have an actual grill the pears will come out looking better, with some nice char on them. « Read the rest of this entry »

Jerk Salmon

September 2, 2011 § 1 Comment

E: The summer has pretty much rolled to a close here, though I can assure you it is still warm enough to impersonate July. But September has reached us with alarming alacrity. Joanna is back to school. My birthday is here. And I think it is about time for another tasty recipe. But first, a little reflection is in order.

We are getting close to a busy time of year for annual events. Both our birthdays, and the first year anniversary of the start of this blog, land in the next couple of months, and that’s along with Thanksgiving and the start of the winter holidays. It is weird to think of where I was a year ago, especially as it concerns this blog. Blogging is a good way to remind yourself of past successes and failures, but it is also a good way to learn stuff. With a couple disasters and a couple new techniques under my belt, I am definitely better than I was a year ago. I have learned something. But it isn’t a miraculous elixir, and I’m still frustrated that I’m not better than I am. I’ve decided on a new strategy of reading through things like the Joy of Cooking page by page to try to gain some more kitchen know-how. We’ll see how long I can keep that up. That said, I’ve found the experience so far rather therapeutic, even though it can be frustrating at times. So bear with us as our cooking adventures continue.

this salmon was such a jerk

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Tangelo Fish & Chips with Yam Fries and Haricots Verts

June 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

E: We haven’t posted in a while now. I’ve been terribly busy because of my graduation, and Joanna came up to attend. We ended up not posting when we were supposed to, though we did make an excellent celebratory dinner that will be posted some time soon.

What I have for you here is, to be honest, a bit disappointing–I made a last-minute choice to bake the pieces of battered fish rather than fry them in obscene quantities of oil, and the batter was clearly not meant for that. The breading came out odd and rather tough (and ended up looking like a dog biscuit to boot). But don’t let that discourage you. I (think I) know what needs to be done to fix it:  either use a different breading designed for baking, or fry it like you are supposed to. The breading was tasty, just texturally awful. But, to be totally honest, these were the best pan-fried fries I have ever had, as well as the best Asian sauce for green beans that exists, to my knowledge, in the observable universe. So, though this is “primarily” about the tangelo fish & chips, they should not be the main focus here.

focus on the stuff in the bowl

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