Seriously Real Falafel

August 11, 2011 § 3 Comments

E: So, as the title should tell you, this falafel is seriously real! Now, I’m no authority on falafel authenticity, but this is by far the best I have had anywhere. The recipe is also pretty easy, so this should be a short post about a quick meal. For those of you that aren’t really familiar with falafel, it basically consists of fried chickpea patties with herbs, spices, and, at least in this case, some onion. They really aren’t that bad for you (the only unhealthy stuff comes from the oil you fry them in), though I wouldn’t call them an out-and-out health food. But what they are is certainly warm and comforting. So let us take you on a journey about how to create some seriously good falafel!

falafel, served with accoutrements

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Slow-Cooked Chickpea Curry

July 31, 2011 § Leave a comment

E: The slow-cooker is the fire-and-forget missile of the cooking world, and that’s something that comes in handy when you are busy around dinner time, say, for example, you have to bring your laptop in for an appointment at the Apple store (which you just know is going to start and end late). Then, if you have one of these nifty devices—mine comes courtesy of Joanna’s parents as a graduation present:  thank you both! I’m sure we’ll get lots more use out of it—just load up the ingredients, press the proverbial little red button, and come back from your Genius Bar appointment—or wherever else you’ve been—to find fresh curry awaiting your return.

looks slightly better than it tastes, but nothing a little salt and spices won't fix

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Indian Spinach and Chickpea Dal

January 6, 2011 § 4 Comments

This is the second time I’ve made this dal.  The first time it was just as delicious, but I only got one dinner out of it before disaster struck.  I had just moved into my apartment and been abandoned by my family and boyfriend, and I decided I would make some comfort food that would be easy, healthy, and would last a long time.  What better than dal?  It’s a one-pot meal (unless you do rice, which you should, and which makes it a two-pot meal), it has all sorts of good-for-you ingredients, and despite its simplicity, the spices that go into it, if done right, give it a lovely warmth that really spreads through your whole body.

So, I made this dal.  I sat down on my couch with a nice warm bowl of dal and rice, and enjoyed it slowly.  An hour after sitting down to eat, I got up to put away my leftovers, and as I was spooning the dal into a tupperware, SHOCK: there was a COCKROACH in the dal.  Fortunately, it was already dead.  I took small comfort in knowing that it had not gotten in there while I was cooking, since I’d kept the lid on most of the time and had barely taken my eyes off the pot, but I tearfully had to throw out all of the leftovers.  Cockroach traps went up in my kitchen very shortly thereafter and I’ve not had another encounter since, thank goodness.

A few weeks ago, then, I decided to reconquer this dal and enjoy every last bit.  Let’s get going with the recipe so you can enjoy it too!

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Chickpea Patties with Yogurt Sauce

November 26, 2010 § 2 Comments

Hey guys,

So my boyfriend is a pretty awesome cook.  He’s actually the one who got me into cooking in the first place, and gave me the idea (and name!) for this blog.  He’s been doing quite a bit of cooking up in New England and since he has a super snazzy camera, he’s been taking some pretty great photos, so we decided that he should step in and do a few guest posts.  We’ll be switching off now and then in the future as well.

Without further ado, here’s his first post!  Enjoy.

– J.

The finished product (+ salad)

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