Muenster Sliders

September 20, 2012 § Leave a comment

J: Mini-foods seem to be kind of a thing in foodie circles these days.  I suppose I can see why (the internet loves cute things, and the smaller a food is, the fewer calories it has, so… you can eat more of it, right? No?), and sliders are a pretty classic miniature version of a pretty classic food.  I’ve often seen them served with brie, and we have a goal eventually of making sliders with Kobe or Wagyu beef and brie, but that was a bit…indulgent for the budgets of a grad student and a freelancer.  So we settled on regular (but good quality!) beef and some muenster cheese, instead of cheddar, to put a little spin of our own on these sliders.


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Cheese-Studded Burgers

September 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

J:  Here at Nombudsman, we are always in pursuit of ways to put more cheese in everything, and in particular, it is one of our missions (…well, maybe just my mission) to see how many different ways we can incorporate cheese into a burger.  We presented our Inside-Out Burgers a couple weeks ago, and now we have a new creation: Cheese-Studded Burgers!


These may look like innocuous, regular burgers, but they have tons of tiny cheese cubes mixed into the patties, so you get little bursts of cheese every time you take a bite!  And, of course, we topped the burgers with yet more cheese before we devoured them.  I’m telling you, it’s a veritable cheese-ucopia.  We also used ground beef for these, at my urging, because it’s just so much heartier than ground turkey.  You can certainly use your choice of ground meat products — I’m sure this would be tasty with turkey, chicken, or even more exotic things like buffalo.  Let us know what you find works best for you!

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Beef Stroganoff

September 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

J: Beef stroganoff is a dish I remember having all the time as a kid.  The creamy sauce, studded with mushrooms and tender little beef morsels, and all ladled on top of noodles — what’s not to love? (I was as much of a pasta fiend when I was small as I am now — maybe more — so it certainly helped that to my 8-year-old mind, this was more a pasta dish than anything else.)

I haven’t had beef stroganoff in what seems like years, though, so recently when Erik took a weekend trip home to visit his parents, I decided that it would be the perfect time to try my own hand at the dish, since he’s not a huge fan of beef.  After sifting through tons of recipes on the internet (seriously — there are HUNDREDS of varieties of this!), I found one that seemed pretty tasty and straightforward, so with a few tweaks added from other recipes I’d come across, off I went.

not the prettiest dish, but darn tasty

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