Sweet Potato and Asparagus with Lemon

March 27, 2012 § Leave a comment

J: A couple of weeks ago over my spring “break,” I had a conference to attend out of town, so Erik went home to visit his parents.  While I was enjoying sunny Puerto Rico, he got the tail end of winter and was able to cook some new delicious recipes, which he told me all about and promised that we would make together soon.  This is the first one we made, and even for 70+ degree weather, it was delightful.  Honestly it is sort of what I had been hoping for when we made this a few months ago (but that dish ended up being a bit on the too-spicy end for me), and I have a sneaking suspicion that because it is easy, fast, healthy, and crazy delicious, it will become a staple around here.  Seriously, with a recipe this unassuming — potatoes and asparagus! who knew?! — you will be amazed at how flavorful and filling this is, especially with a light sprinkling of cheese.

E: Don’t mind the salmon in the photo. This post is all about the sweet potato concoction on the left.

served next to some grilled salmon


1 baking potato
2 sweet potatoes (I used Jewel, but you could use any kind)
Olive oil (or other cooking oil)
1 bunch asparagus
Juice of 1/2 to 1 lemon
Salt and pepper, to taste
(Optional: 1/4 c. red wine)

This is a really easy dish to make. There’s nothing crazy, nothing fancy, it doesn’t take that long, and I think it is probably pretty hard to mess up. Do not be alarmed by the quantity of text in the paragraphs below: this is just a helpful how-to.

Start by peeling and cubing the potatoes.  Toss them into a pan with some olive oil over medium to medium-high heat, and stir/toss occasionally. You are looking for a little bit of brown to form, but you don’t want them to go all the way to burned so keep the heat lower if they seem to be browning too much.

cubed potato(es)

Wash the asparagus, trim off the ends, and cut the rest into evenly-sized pieces of about 1.5 to 2 inches in length.

cut the aspargus up like so

Now you have two options. You can either put the asparagus straight into the pan with the potatoes when they are about 10 to 12 minutes from being done, which I have since done and found that I got a nice char on some of the asparagus pieces anyway. Or, if you are concerned about getting them cooked the way you like them, you can do what I did the first time and toss them in a small frying pan with some oil or butter and cook to the doneness you want. In that case, add them to the potatoes just before serving.

this step is optional

When the potatoes are a few minutes from being done, season to taste, and add the wine if you are using it to give it some time to cook off. Add the lemon juice just before serving, and stir everything together so it gets evenly distributed.

ready to eat

Serve with a glass of wine (I’ve had it with a red and a white and it paired well with both) and some sort of protein if you want.


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