What Happened?? Why Is It So Dark in Here?

January 18, 2012 § Leave a comment

Nombudsman has chosen to darken the blog to join the protest and spread awareness about SOPA/PIPA legislation. This legislation could do untold damage to the architecture of the Internet. It would certainly harm free speech on the net, and as it amounts to a mechanism for Internet censorship, it would make our nation a terrible model for freedom and democracy, electronic or otherwise, around the globe. Having been following this story for months, and having read through the contents of the bills and watched the Congressional hearings, we are shocked by some of what is being contemplated by our elected representatives.

Read about the bills here, and here, and elsewhere, see an infographic, and see a version of the the full text here.

We encourage everyone to go research these bills and form their own opinions. However we have grave concerns that these bills will not stop piracy, and will instead give companies shortcuts to remove from the web not only content that “infringes” on their rights, but entire sites that host, allegedly host, or merely link to that content. The legal language of these bills is far too broad.

Many major sites including Mozilla, Google, Wikipedia, etc. are protesting today, either with banners or full blackouts. We will keep up our change of look for the near future. We don’t want to turn this site into a political forum, but when something as large as this comes around and threatens the existence of the technologies that make what we do possible, we have to do something about it.

Whatever you think about SOPA, this should be a call to action. Dangerous bills show up all the time in Congress. Some even get passed without getting the press that these bills have. We the voters need to take a greater interest in what goes on, supposedly in our names, in our government. Not just at election time, either. All the time.

-Joanna & Erik


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