Sunday Morning Pancakes

June 28, 2011 § 1 Comment

J:  This is a family recipe for the thickest, heartiest, and maybe easiest pancakes you’ll ever have.  I grew up eating these almost every Sunday, slathered with butter, drizzled with real maple syrup, and of course with a side of bacon.  Although our Sunday family breakfast stopped being a tradition as I got older and went to college, every pancake I eat is compared back to these filling, delicious breakfast treats.  My mother gave me the recipe when I moved into my own place, and Erik and I got to take it out for a spin this past weekend — the first time I’ve made these pancakes on my own.

nothing better to wake you up on sunday morning

While there’s nothing quite like waking up to the smells of Mom and Dad cooking breakfast, these definitely brought me back to my childhood.  And yeah, they were pretty darn tasty, if I do say so myself.

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Ricotta Risotto, Stuffed Chicken, and Quasi-Matignon

June 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

E: This dish was inspired both by the ravioli that we just posted and by the pear and ricotta stuffed chicken that went up in mid-May. We used the leftover ravioli filling to stuff some chicken, which came out really well, and so I decided to re-make it and post about it. I made this about a week later, so this is still a blast from the past—thankfully recipes, unlike food, don’t spoil. To go with it I made a risotto, which is pretty standard fare here on Nombudsman, and a really excellent quasi-Matignon which became so much the star of the dish, flavor-wise, that I decided it should have enough space to present itself to you, dear readers.

I was a little slipshod in a few things, like plating, but it came out okay

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Homemade Ravioli with White Wine Sauce

June 23, 2011 § 5 Comments

J: We know.  We know.  With no warning, we abandoned you and failed to update for almost two weeks.  We are so sorry!  But we have a legitimate excuse: Erik is now living with me!  The past couple weeks have been incredibly hectic with getting all organized, with the drive (!) from New England to the South, and with slowly but surely getting Erik unpacked and settled in here, while I try and catch up on grad school-related things.

To apologize for our lateness, then, we offer you this: homemade ravioli with a delicious white wine sauce.  We’ve wanted to do homemade pasta for a really long time, and while I’ve done dumpling-esque pasta types before (monster spaetzle!), that was about the extent of our combined experience.  So we decided to make homemade pasta of some kind to celebrate Erik’s college graduation, and he chose ravioli.  This was the result.

how could you say no to that?

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Cinnamon Ginger Waffles

June 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

E: It is my firm belief that you have not had waffles until you have had these waffles. They are terrifically good, and the best part is that they are easy. If you have some manner of waffle-cooking-device, you can make these–trust me they are no harder than using any sort of mix. And the results are many times better. Just to whet your appetite:

served with butter, maple syrup, and fresh fruit

There, now that you are interested in making these, I’ll give you a little history before we begin. I don’t know where this recipe came from initially, but it is a favorite of my mother’s, and has been refined and changed subtly many times over the years. I make these just like she does, so she gets full credit for their phenomenal taste. I haven’t changed a thing. So enjoy a family recipe of mine, and I hope you love them too!

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Pecan Bread

June 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

J:  Okay, guys, we owe you all an apology for being on hiatus for so long without any warning.  Truth be told, the last couple of weeks have been difficult in terms of cooking; I’ve been traveling a lot and going out to eat a fair bit since my parents were in town last weekend, so I’ve been eating pretty simply when I do get a chance to eat at home.  And Erik has been busy with the end of the school year, graduating from college (!) and moving all his stuff back from his dorm room, and getting ready to move down South with me (!!!).  But things are calm for the next week or so, for me at least, so we do have a couple things lined up for you, and hopefully once he’s settled in here we’ll be able to return to our regular schedule of posting once every three days.

breakfast or dessert: don't you love versatility?

Those of you who’ve been reading for a little while might remember this post, in which I referenced some “drop-dead-delicious” pecan bread that I made with the leftover streusel I had sitting around once the muffins were done.  I didn’t photograph that because I had no idea how it would turn out, but as it happens, it was kind of amazing!  So now I’ve recreated it, with a few changes and additions, and it was, if possible, even tastier this time around.  Also, it is an absurdly easy recipe.  Give it a shot!

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Tangelo Fish & Chips with Yam Fries and Haricots Verts

June 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

E: We haven’t posted in a while now. I’ve been terribly busy because of my graduation, and Joanna came up to attend. We ended up not posting when we were supposed to, though we did make an excellent celebratory dinner that will be posted some time soon.

What I have for you here is, to be honest, a bit disappointing–I made a last-minute choice to bake the pieces of battered fish rather than fry them in obscene quantities of oil, and the batter was clearly not meant for that. The breading came out odd and rather tough (and ended up looking like a dog biscuit to boot). But don’t let that discourage you. I (think I) know what needs to be done to fix it:  either use a different breading designed for baking, or fry it like you are supposed to. The breading was tasty, just texturally awful. But, to be totally honest, these were the best pan-fried fries I have ever had, as well as the best Asian sauce for green beans that exists, to my knowledge, in the observable universe. So, though this is “primarily” about the tangelo fish & chips, they should not be the main focus here.

focus on the stuff in the bowl

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