Hello hello!

September 25, 2010 § 2 Comments

Hello hello, indeed.  I’m Joanna, a 20something who just moved to the South to embark on a journey towards a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, and I’m living alone & attempting to feed myself for the first time.  This blog will primarily be focused on the cooking and consuming of food, because I love it oh so much, and you know, you have to eat, so you might as well take joy in preparing your food.  I am, however, going to use it as something of a creative outlet as well, since I won’t have much of those for the next four or five years, so you’ll see posts about my work and life in general interspersed with the food posts.

I take inspiration from the innumerable brilliant food blogs out there on the interwebs, many of which will be referenced and credited as I post the things I’m cooking.  I’ve just started to get confident in the kitchen myself, so most of what I make won’t be terribly difficult, which means that you should try it too!  I’ll include any notes I have on if and how I altered the recipe, and I will also try to take pictures of my cooking process, because food looks pretty sometimes (who knew?), so that’ll be an exercise in artistic expression as well.

I just made a gargantuan turkey chili yesterday (found at the incomparable Omnomicon, recipe itself can be found here), so I won’t be cooking again until later this week when I work through all the leftovers from that, but stick around!  Check back every now and then!  I might get bored and post something exciting.

❤ J.


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